Saturday, June 09, 2012

Shall we dance? I have a lot to share, a lot to complain about (some say 'whine' about, so be it) and I also have some advice to share. Of course I do, I am a graduate of Life, I have a Masters degree in the school of hard knocks. Me and a huge number of others are from the same school. 
I've led a fairly interesting, some what Enchanted life. I say Enchanted because by all that's logical I should have been dead a long, long time ago. I know for a fact I have worn out and retired at least a dozen Guardian Angels. The have more than earned their wings! A lot of my life was spent in watching in the third person. I could stand back and visualize the scene in front of me and wonder what the heck is going on? LOL It appeared that way at least. 
People amaze me. Back in the day (don't you just love that saying? It is becoming popular again) I noticed that people had a certain degree of common sense. As time has gone by, as parents have become younger, we have kids raising kids it seems. The lack of even the simplest form of common sense has disappeared. Violent video games have definitely desensitized not just the kids, but the child-parents that are raising them. Too late I think to re-educate so I would say that when stupid parents with their stupid kids are out there, take the initiative and give them a good old fashion kick in the butt! 
Of course you can't do that. You'd go to jail and the stupid parents with the stupid kids would just go on doing what they do best, stupid things!
Unfortunately, those same parents and the same kids grow to voting age. The Greedy Old Pricks depend on them staying stupid, that way they can con them into believing anything at all. Of course I mention the GOP because they are the worst, most evil and most conniving power mongers that ever walked this Earth! Now, there are some Dems that fall into the same category. Basically the Dems started out wanting to help the working class, the Middle Class (or what's left of it) but they lacked the one necessary thing to do it with. Backbone! Called a SPINE y'all! It seems the first sign of foot stomping by the GOP and the Dems wet their pants. Or, like that spine-LESS Liberman, the turncoat Judas, just switch parties and call himself an Independent  but is just a Republican in disguise. What a total ASS! I may have spelled his name wrong but really, who cares? A Judas goat is still the same.
O.K., I've made a start here. If I can kick my own butt and get back here often I will be adding more and more. New pages too as I can.
Time for me to start some lunch for my darlin' hubby and then watch the rain. It's pouring here folks, hugely! 
Cya soon