Saturday, October 13, 2012

The 4-legged Furries We All Need and Love

This is my cat. My child. A Feral outcast, discarded by life and wanting only a warm hand and some milk. Her cry that night was ear splitting for one so tiny. Her eyes barely open it was if she was giving the last cry in her, "feed me or kill me but get this over with". Of course, 4 years later, she is still with me and continues to delight me every day. I am her Mama. I know it and she knows it.
Pets are almost a necessity. Somehow living in a house without 4 legged furry little beasts around just isn't complete. I think it's the unconditional love thing that so called experts talk about. You aren't judged, you aren't argued with, you aren't "less" in there eyes. If you are lonely, they fix that. If you are sad to the point of crying they will deliberately sense it and do something totally dumb and funny. They know. They know what you need and when you need it. Amazing.

I often wonder about people that say they don't like animals. Serious character flaw there. They don't have to have a pet if they don't want to of course. But to say they don't like an animal? Really? They should work on that attitude and find out why they don't. People that abuse animals of course should simply be taken out and shot. No, seriously, there isn't room on this planet for people like that. Abuse or hurt an animal? What part of a brain is deviant to that point that you could purposely inflict pain on an animal that simply wants to be petted, fed and smiled at occasionally? No, those kind of sub-humans are only taking up precious air space in this world and they, quite frankly, need to go. Permanently.

I have a dog also but lost the pictures when my last computer crashed! I will show her next time. She's a wonderful, loyal, smart, loving girl. Chow/Lab mix, we got her at an adoption showcase years ago. A rescue dog of course and what a joy she has been. She has now reached her 16th year with us. The years show and she still has her keen senses. Hearing, smell, and sight are amazingly sharp. Her movements are slow now, her hips are showing signs of Arthritis. Her once totally solid black coat is now peppered a lot with gray! There have been a couple recent events that tell me her days are dwindling down. I can't even think about it without tearing up. 

Changing subject here. 

My days may be doing the same thing it seems. I am right at my 7th decade and way too many things going on inside that I am very suspicious of. It may be just me but the doc I'm seeing will find out I guess and let me know. We shall see. 

First chance I get to have some privacy and "quietude" I'll post some more. 
If anyone has chanced upon this, well, feel free to read what you want and take care of yourself.